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My name is Brittany Williams, and I am an Active Duty Service Member by day and a cold processed Soap maker by night.


I have always been very crafty and love handmade products. I love to experiment to see what useful things I can make from crocheted blankets to handmade soaps and body scrubs. When I designed my first soaps, I found that people fell in love with how moisturized, hydrated, and smooth their skin felt and in a way the soap elevated their spirits. I thoroughly researched manufactured body products and found they use harsh chemicals meant to preserve and enhance the ingredients within them, and many times, these chemicals can be irritating to the skin.

B.Maryee Soaps creates products with all-natural ingredients and never any harsh chemicals. As we grow,  we will continue to create hand crafted products that keep your skin in mind. I am excited about our journey and hope you will join me. 


About the Founder

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