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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your product all natural and organic?
    Yes, all product used are 100% organic with no additives.
  • Are the soaps vegan?
    Some soaps are vegan and some soaps are made with goat milk or honey, and other naturally occuring animal-made products. These soaps will be labeled accordingly.
  • Can I make custom orders?
    Unfortunately, custom orders are not available at this time.
  • Can I order bulk orders?
    Yes, bulk orders are available, however, the soaps will be made at the makers discretion and with the materials available at the time or order. Unfortunately, custom requests are not available. A 25% deposit will be required at the time of order, and the rest paid after order completion and before shipping. This is to ensure all monies are paid on time and legitimate. Additionally, we reserve the right to limit order quantities.
  • What is considered a bulk order?
    A bulk order is a minimum of 10 bars to a maximum of 150 bars. Every 14 bars will be the same fragrance. There is a required curing time for the bars which is up to 6 weeks.
  • What is bleeding?
    Bleeding is the production of colored lather when the soaps are used. The lather should not be damaging to material and can be rinse with warm water to be removed. Bleeding can happen with darker colors and doesn’t take away from the quality of the soap. At times, soaps may bleed due to the amount of colorant contained in the soap at the time of creation.
  • Is the price I see under each picture for one bar of soap, or for the amount in the picture?"
    The prices listed under each variety is per bar. We often show multiple bars of each variety to highlight the slight variations associated with the handmade, artisan nature of our products.
  • I would like to make request which soaps I receive in my sampler pack. How do I do that?
    We prepare all our sampler packs prior to its debut on the website. We are able to get your orders packed and shipped to you quicker this way. Thank you for understanding that because of this, we are unable to fill special requests for particular soaps included in the sampler packs.
  • If I make a bulk order, when will I receive the order?"
    Because there is a minimum time of curing which is 4-6 weeks the order will be delivered after the 6th week of curing.
  • Why does it take so long for the soap to cure?
    The soaps need time for the water to evaporate and create a hard soap bar. The longer the bar cures the longer the bar will last. So, patience is asked especially with bulk orders. You will receive updates on the soap timeline for transparency.
  • I've mailed my package to the wrong address! Can you send a replacement?
    It is your responsibility, as the buyer, to make sure your address is correct and if a mistake has been made, to notify us ASAP via the Contact Us page so we can change it on the shipping label, if possible. If it has already shipped and is returned to us, we can invoice you for shipping and resend it once your address has been corrected.
  • My package has arrived damaged/has the wrong products/is missing products/etc.!
    Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page and we will do our best to make things right ASAP!
  • How long can I wait to open and use your Artisan Soaps?
    We recommend you use our products within 6 months for the best results, as the color and fragrances may begin to fade after that amount of time. However, our soaps will still get you clean after the fragrance and colors are long gone!


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